alextheundeadgeneral asked: I'd love it if you uploaded the whole album xD

Alright! I’ll get to uploading them within the next few hours, you’ll be able to  find them here (x) where some songs have already been posted prior to today.

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'Ya know, Chris...sooner or later, they all fall down.' (x)
Always cool when your album drops the same day as #WeirdAlYankovic's and you hit the same places throughout the day whilst promoting it ~ IAmJericho

Title: SOS (Abba Cover)
Artist: Fozzy
Played: 352 times
So amazing to be able to perform in front of my dad and my son yesterday at #wwebattleground. It was a night I'll never EEEVVVEEERR forget! #blessed #ashthefishexpert #tedirvine #3generationsofwarrior ~ IamJericho

Do you?

In case you missed it, NOW on TALK IS JERCIHO! Diamond Dallas Page & Jake “The Snake” Roberts! Plus, Fozzy New Album Preview! ~ Chris Jericho

What a great day with my partners in crime!! #ashthefishexpert #ccmuholland #betterthanspeewee ~ IAmJericho
Have you heard #SteelPanther on #TalkIsJericho yet? If you haven't, I can honestly say it's the FUNNIEST #TIJ episode EVER! ~ IAmJericho